SUV tires are one the most essential parts of your vehicle. SUVs, such as the Land Rover Range Rover, are 4WD, and can go through any terrain that the planet could offer. In fact drivers with 4WD and a SUV combination have been known to take their vehicles into  some of the worst conditions possible.

When they are driving in off road situations,  the tires and wheels of your SUV  help SUV Tiresyou to reach your destination because they are  the major equipment that drives your vehicle through all kinds of conditions. However, the functions of the wheels and tires do not just end there.

Your SUV tires also emphasize the overall appearance of your vehicle. Some people will customize the rims and tires to make a statement. Consumers spend thousands of dollars on tires and rims to really enhance their vehicles every year.

Purchase the Proper SUV Tires

Purchasing  the proper wheels for your SUV can actually improve your SUV’s performance just by effective cleaning. Like any other car parts like Land Rover Range Rover parts, SUV wheels can eventually be corrosive and tires can wear out as well with hard driving in less than perfect conditions.

Always check the condition of your SUV tires even if you only drive it on the road. Check the tire pressure and the amount of tread that is left on the tires to avoid blowouts and losing control at high speeds.

Check the Age of Your SUV Tires

This is going to be a common theme throughout this web site. Vendors sell tires that are brand new, however some have been stored for a long time before they are eventually sold. Check the age of the tires before they are installed, before you purchase them to make sure they are not older than 6 years. Recently there was an article about several stores selling new tires that had been sitting on the shelf for more than 7 years. Rubber tends to become brittle as it ages and can blow up at high speeds.

Cleaning your SUV Tires

Getting your SUV perfectly cleaned on a local car wash is a great idea. However, the only drawback of it is the cost that you would be spending in a car wash. Why go to a car wash if you could clean your wheels by yourself, right?

Whenever you use your SUV for a long travel or even on a short trip, dust particles attack the surface of your wheels. Other unwanted dirt on your wheels and tires include road tar, mud, and brake dust. Acid rain and winter salt are effective irritants as well as long exposure to hot sun can make your wheels brittle.

Cleaning your wheels and tires is actually the first step in car washing. You should first select the best tire cleaner for your wheels and tires. There are a lot of cleaning agents out in the market today. But you should choose the safest and most effective cleaning agent for your wheels and tires. Some cleaning agent contains a high level of acidity and can easily damage your wheels. Acid-free cleaners are effective cleaning agents that are commonly used by car wash shops.

Common Cleaners

The most common cleaner is household detergent. Because you can find it anywhere in your kitchen, or toilette, of course. Not only that, detergent is also effective and is the safest cleaner because it does not contain any harmful ingredients that can affect your car. Wheels and tires of SUVs are much larger and broader than other vehicles so the cleaning process most likely will take longer compared to sedans.

Now let us start with the cleaning process. First, you should check your tires for road dirt and mud. If you found one, then scrape it with any hard object you can find in your place, but be careful not to scratch your tires so hard. Dilute your chosen cleaner in a bucket of water and then start brushing your tires. The grooves of your tires are the most susceptible to mud and road tars. Brush it effectively. After cleaning your tires, proceed to the wheels. Rinse the brush that you had used in your tires and start brushing your wheels in up and down motion. Pretty easy, right? You should actually clean your wheels and tires once a month for maintenance.