Turn your junk into moneyTurn your junk into money can be a rewarding exercise for many reasons including actually getting some money for your stuff. This is another one of our posts designed to help people make money or save money around the home.

There are some things to do associated with selling your junk to make sure that you get the right amount for your junk, and we will list some of them in this post. What is junk to one person might be worth a lot to others. At the same time, some things are really junk and should be thrown out in the garbage. That’s why the first step is to assess what your stuff is worth before you try to sell it.

There are other benefits as well to getting rid of junk. For example, getting rid of the clutter in your home is a rewarding experience. Many people breathe easier when they finally see their homes neat and tidy, especially when they made some money as well.

There are many ways to get rid of junk. Many consumers turn to the traditional garage sale approach and get rid of many things this way. They can also sell some items using eBay or Kijji or one of the other online sales tools. Finally just plain donating your stuff to a good will company will not make you any money, but you will feel better knowing someone will be able to benefit from your used items.

Turn your junk into money – Garbage Pickers

Have you ever notice these trucks going around on garbage night? These are the guys that are looking for stuff that people are throwing out that they can pick up for free, possibly clean up or repair and sell. They also pick up metal items to sell, and they usually have full trucks by the end of the night.

They sell this stuff at flea markets and garage sales. Metal of various kinds is recycled and sold for scrap. There seems to be enough of these guys going around that sometimes they compete to pick up stuff. They spend a lot on gas and time, but they are making money, or they would not do it.

Occasionally they will find something really expensive and sell it on line. Before you throw out something that is valuable, or holds on to it forever, why not try to sell it yourself instead of just throwing it out. It takes a bit of work, but then it is money in your pocket instead of someone else’s or the garbage. Also, be patient. We recently sold one item on Kijji, that had been advertised for over a month. At this point we had no expectation of being able to sell it, then one morning we got a call from a person who bought it and did not even negotiate. They paid the asking price!

Ten Things to Do To Sell Your Junk

  • Find out what it is worth
  • Clean it up and make sure it is in good condition
  • Clean all data off your electronic items
  • If selling online, take an excellent picture
  • Decide were to sell it – garage sale, online, auction, etc
  • Avoid fee’s if possible
  • Choose your words carefully to avoid appearing as a scammer
  • Maximize your online listing views
  • Maximize your garage sale¬† visits by properly advertising
  • Lower prices usually mean you sell stuff quickly
  • Be careful of people who are trying to take your item and your money

Sort Your Junk

Part of finding out what your stuff is worth is sorting your junk into categories. For example, some things you will want to sell at a garage sale, while other items may be better sold online through one of the online systems.  If you happen to have valuable items, an online approach may be better than a garage sale, for example.

Garage sale buyers are always looking for really cheap deals, and if you have an expensive item, unless you pre-advertise, the chances are that you will not be able to sell your expensive item at a garage sale.

While you are sorting your items, some things will just not sell due to their condition. Put this into the garage sale, if they do not sell, put them in the garbage or donate it to a charity if you think someone can use it.

Be Careful Turning Your Junk Into Money

Whether it is face to face or online, there are always people who will try to scam you or even rob you. If you meet someone face to face to sell some thing, always take a partner along with you to ensure your safety. If you are selling something on-line, make sure you have received the money before sending your item to the buyer. eBay allows money to be placed in escrow to protect both the buyer and the seller.

I have even seen people at garage sales trying to steal items, and some will even try to take your money if it is left unprotected. If you have a lot of items, it is often a good idea to have several people helping you at busy garage sales.

If you are just not into selling items at garage sales or online, donate your good items to a charity. They sometimes will even pick up and provide you with a donation slip for use when you complete your tax return. Another way to save some money!