Tesla Crash Test ScoreThe Tesla Model S earned the highest crash test scores of any car ever tested! In case you are wondering, this is a brand new all-electric sport car that can put many gasoline driven cars to shame. Its only drawback is that it needs to be recharged often which makes it an issue for long trips. But it is apparently the safest car on the road, bar none. This one caught fire when a piece of metal lying on the road flipped up and damaged the battery case on the underside of the car. More protection was added since this particular fire took place.

Tesla is saying, that it got an A plus in NHTSA’s crash tests. And it got the best A plus ever when compared to any other car that has been tested by the NHTSA.

Tesla Crash Test Score

Performed Well in Head on Crashes

The reason is no engine and lots of cushioning at the front of the car to absorb head on energy from a crash. This energy absorption protects the occupants of the car. When combined with air bags it means you have a far greater chance of surviving a head on collision in one of these all-electric cars.

Side Impact Crashes

The Model S also outperformed other models in the government’s side pole impact test. This mimics a vehicle sliding sideways into a post or tree. This is one of the most dangerous types of impacts. The Model S did exceptionally well in this test because of aluminum rods placed in the side of the vehicle, Tesla said.

Rollover Resistance

The Model S also outdid every other model in rollover resistance. During separate independent testing, the Model S simply refused to turn over during even the hardest turns. Special means were needed to get the car to flip. The reason the car is so stable, Tesla said, is that its large, flat battery is mounted in the floor of the car. This creates a very low center of gravity. Any time you have a low center of gravity, it is almost impossible to flip a car. That is why sail boats have ballast at the bottom of the boat to keep them upright. Have you even been on a double-decker bus going around a curve? If you have you will understand how important it is to have a low center of gravity to keep from tipping over.

Roof Crush Test

As you might expect by now, the Model S also topped other cars in the roof crush test. In an independent validation of the Model S’s roof crush strength, the car’s roof was so strong that it broke the testing machine. No Tesla batteries have ever caught fire even after high-speed impacts. This car is truly something that other manufacturers of all kinds of cars will aim for or try to emulate. Whether they are traditional gas driven cars, hybrid electric cars or all-electric cars.

The Bar is Set Pretty High

Tesla is setting the bar pretty high for everyone and the industry can only work harder to catch up.