Tesla Model S RecallWe recently wrote about seeing the Tesla Roadster in Palm Springs. Just now we saw an announcement about the same car being recalled for a non safety issue. This recall was associated with the rear seats. We have included a picture from the original post.

The manufacturer discovered that a weld could come loose in the case of an accident. It was not considered a safety issue. The company is voluntarily recalling the car to have the weld holding the rear seat in place repaired. This is really a minor issue however at the same time no one wants to have a seat come flying at them during an accident. There are enough things that can endanger your life during an accident without a rear seat coming your way.

Managing Recalls

Owners would only lose access to their cars for a couple of hours while the repair is made. The dealers were making arrangements with owners for the cars to be picked up. They will also provide a loaner car if desired while the company fixed the weld. The dealers were doing everything they can to make sure that the owners were inconvenienced as little as possible. After all they paid a lot for this car. They should not have to deal with too much in the way of poor service or lack of service from their dealer or from the manufacturer. This is a luxury car and customers have come to expect a great deal from companies that provide luxury products.

This is a new car and a high priced car. The dealer and the manufacturer are going out of their way to make sure that the owners are looked after. They are making sure that the car is properly fixed so that there are no concerns. There have been no customer complaints to date either about the seat repair that is needed. The service that the customer is receiving during this recall has been exemplary. Although at the time of writing this post the recall had just begun. We are confident that the customers will be satisfied with how this issue is being handled. However we would appreciate any comments you have about the car and how the recall is being handled.

Tesla Model S Recall – Repair

This repair applies to 1,300 cars that were manufactured in May and early June of 2013. Since the manufacture date is so recent many of these cars may still be in dealer show rooms. In fact speculation had it that only 10% of the Model S cars that have been made during that time frame were actually on the road in customers hands. So the conclusion is that most customers will have their new cars already repaired prior to picking them up before driving them off the dealers lot.

This is the second recall for Tesla, which had to recall 429 cars in 2010 to replace a power cable. This is a brand new model and Tesla is an industry leader. Tesla is going out of it’s way to make sure that their customers are looked after and that any negative press is kept to a minimum. A new model car, especially one so expensive and an industry leader in the all electric field cannot not afford to have nay negative publicity.

If you happened to be an owner of the Tesla all electric car, we would really appreciate first hand comments about your car. How does it handle? What is the acceleration like? How long do the batteries last and have you ever had to have an emergency charge when your batteries ran out of a charge. Finding a place to recharge the batteries is probably the single largest issue for most owners. We are wondering how they are handling this particular issue. These are all questions that potential purchasers are interested in. Of course those of us who wish we could afford to purchase one of these beauties want to know about these issues.

Tesla Model S Recall – Guest Post

We would also appreciate a guest post about your experience with your Tesla Model S. We would give full attribution rights and a link back to your own web site if you are interested in making a guest post. Just include at least a 400 word comment with your link. We will be glad to post it on our site. We only will take legitimate comments and posts about the Tesla Model S sport car.