Tesla Model S RecallTesla Robotic Factory has a lot of red robots and a giant roll of shiny metal that looks awfully similar to the paper spools found in many (ancient) newspaper presses. The factory is one of the most modern factories on the planet. Hence it is producing one of the most modern cars every to come off an assembly line. If you are not familiar with this all electric car, take a few minutes to read this post. Also several others we have written on this blog. They are clearly leading the automotive industry at the moment in terms of all electric vehicles. They are currently the leader in Norway and selling well in many other countries.

Tesla Robotic Factory

Tesla Model S Awards

The Tesla model S has also won many awards. One of which is for being the safest car on the road. This is after crash tests have been conducted on the car with both front end and side wall tests. The Tesla Model S protects its occupants better than any other car. Partly to its design and partly due to the unique characteristics of the car. Without an engine to come crashing into the passenger area, the front of the car has much more cushioning power. The panels in the doors are designed to be much stronger. They are energy absorbent than many other cars, which also protects the occupants.

Tesla Model S Will not Roll Over

The Testla Model S is very difficult to rollover. The heavy battery is mounted so low in the car, that it’s center of mass prevents the car from being tipped over in a situation where the car is in a tight curve or goes down an embankment. This car will not roll over the same way that most other cars will.  With such a low center of mass you can drive this car with a high degree of confidence that you will be safe in an accident. The only problem they have now is to find a way to make it go longer on a charge and find a way to charge it more quickly to make it practical for more drivers.

Tesla has been rumored to be developing an electric car that will be priced at levels the average consumer can afford. They are also investing in a new battery manufacturing center that will support both the Model S and the new cheaper electric cars. More to come we hope with all of the high safety ideas built in.