Text Message CampaignsOr previous post discussed the basics of text message campaigns. In this post we wanted to dig a little deeper into setting the goals and objectives of these campaigns. We feel that this is the most important part of the job or tasks for a number of reasons. We will discuss some of the reasons why setting goals and objectives can be so important in no particular order. Most people just want to get the program started, but hut this approach can mean that your campaign delivers a poor performance, something you do not want to explain to your boss. Do the job right up front and get better results.

Text Message Campaigns –  Managing Expectations

Managing expectations is one of the objectives of your goals and objectives. Your boss and management team needs to understand what the company is going to get out of this campaign for the money that they are spending. If your objective is 100 units sold and you sell 90, your almost their and might be considered successful, however if your objective is 1000 and you sell 90 units you’re a bum and probably will get fired.

Setting your objectives is critical to managing expectations and your perceived success. It is important for the company from a budgeting perspective to manage the cost of the campaign and the response to the campaign. It is also important to your personal career to set the right expectation so that you are considered successful and not someone who missed their objectives.

Text Message Campaigns – Setting Goals

Setting goals also drives preparation for success. Preparing for success also means that you have sufficient product to ship. You must have staff ready to help meet that need. Your associated budget is critical. If you cannot meet demand, your customers may shrink if you cannot meet their expectations rapidly.

Your suppliers must also be on board to produce and deliver sufficient product to meet your customers needs. Long delays can occur if you get it wrong. As well as if you have too much product to ship and not enough sales.

On the other hand it is a problem if you have a great deal of product available and ready to go with no sales or limited sales. The company has spent too much money and now you are faced with an inventory that will need to be discounted in order to move it.

Think about your goals and objectives carefully. Set them in such a manner that you must stretch to meet them. Also have a reasonable chance of success with your text message campaigns. You also need to be able to measure the results. Assess the results, and improve on your next campaign. Also explain to your boss or your customer how the goals and objectives were met.

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