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Text Message Campaigns cont’d

Text Message CampaignsOur last post discussed managing expectations, setting goals and objectives when you run a text message campaign. The important thing here is to set expectations and be able to measure them to enable your team to know if they are being successful or not. Most good text messaging companies will ask you to focus on this aspect. If their customers are successful, then they consider their products and services successful as well. In fact before you even call a company to discuss Text Message Campaigns, you may want to discuss with your team the objectives and goals of the campaign so that you can maximize your time and discussion results with the company that you interview to run your text message campaign.

Operators and customers also need to measure results since this is the only way you can really know if your program is successful or not. You may measure sales, queries, responses and overall customer contacts.  Depending on your business, you may measure an entire different set of key results. The most important thing is to figure this out ahead of time. Make sure that the items you want to measure can be measured. Check with the customer to make sure the they are satisfied with these measurements.

Also you will want to know what the value is that will indicate success of the text message campaign. This is critical for both the supplier of Text Message Campaigns as well as the company that you are working for. Both parties need to show success!

Tracking Text Message Campaigns

If it cannot be tracked automatically, then you need to find another method to track results. Senior management ultimately want to know the impact on the bottom line i.e. profit and revenue! If you cannot show how this text message campaign is contributing to the bottom line, then your program is in trouble.

Tracking codes are normally used to track customer queries and response rate. However this is only a small part of the results you are really looking for. If you are getting a large response rate, but not converting to sales, then your in bound team may need to be tweaked to increase conversions. Focus on results and fixing problems as needed. Ensure that the investment you are making in text message campaigns are a success.

Accounting for  Text Message Campaigns

Accounting can prepare reports to demonstrate the success or failure of the plan. Report results and keep management informed regarding progress, especially the impact on the bottom line. If you are the project manager for the Text Message Campaigns, always review these reports daily. Prepare summary reports for senior management to demonstrate the success or in some cases the lack of success for your Text Message Campaigns.

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Text Message Campaigns

Text Message CampaignsOr previous post discussed the basics of text message campaigns. In this post we wanted to dig a little deeper into setting the goals and objectives of these campaigns. We feel that this is the most important part of the job or tasks for a number of reasons. We will discuss some of the reasons why setting goals and objectives can be so important in no particular order. Most people just want to get the program started, but hut this approach can mean that your campaign delivers a poor performance, something you do not want to explain to your boss. Do the job right up front and get better results.

Text Message Campaigns –  Managing Expectations

Managing expectations is one of the objectives of your goals and objectives. Your boss and management team needs to understand what the company is going to get out of this campaign for the money that they are spending. If your objective is 100 units sold and you sell 90, your almost their and might be considered successful, however if your objective is 1000 and you sell 90 units you’re a bum and probably will get fired.

Setting your objectives is critical to managing expectations and your perceived success. It is important for the company from a budgeting perspective to manage the cost of the campaign and the response to the campaign. It is also important to your personal career to set the right expectation so that you are considered successful and not someone who missed their objectives.

Text Message Campaigns – Setting Goals

Setting goals also drives preparation for success. Preparing for success also means that you have sufficient product to ship. You must have staff ready to help meet that need. Your associated budget is critical. If you cannot meet demand, your customers may shrink if you cannot meet their expectations rapidly.

Your suppliers must also be on board to produce and deliver sufficient product to meet your customers needs. Long delays can occur if you get it wrong. As well as if you have too much product to ship and not enough sales.

On the other hand it is a problem if you have a great deal of product available and ready to go with no sales or limited sales. The company has spent too much money and now you are faced with an inventory that will need to be discounted in order to move it.

Think about your goals and objectives carefully. Set them in such a manner that you must stretch to meet them. Also have a reasonable chance of success with your text message campaigns. You also need to be able to measure the results. Assess the results, and improve on your next campaign. Also explain to your boss or your customer how the goals and objectives were met.

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Text Message Campaign

Text Message CampaignThe basics of setting a text message campaign is really quite simple. The difficult part is capturing all of the data you need to make the campaign successful. Anyone can send a lot of text messages to random numbers. But you should target customers who have expressed some interest in your product or service. Then your text message campaign will be much more successful. It will deliver the results you’re looking for.

The first step is to decide who your target customers actually are. How you will collect their mobile numbers? What products or services they are interested in? Hhow you will track results once you send out your messages to these customers?

Can you confirm someone actually read the message? Can you confirm that they responded to your message and are you able to report on the success of the messaging campaign. These are tough questions to answer, but your management team is going to want to know the answers before they approve future expenditures in this area.

Text Message Campaign – Develop the Message

The second step is to develop the message that will appeal to the most customers while getting the message across to your target audience in a price effective manner. There are numerous companies on the Internet that will provide you with the software capability to send text messages to your customers.

Establishing goals and objectives helps to establish expectations for yourself as well as your management team and is the third step.  They drive budget, they drive staffing and they drive the overall cost of your text messaging campaign. You also compare results against these goals and objectives and explanations regarding any differences in results versus goals and objectives. This is something that your management team will be very interested in reviewing.

Text Message Campaign – Customer List

A customer list that is finalized and developed hopefully from interested customers is probably the best use of your money. This is the fourth and a really critical step in determining your success.

Handling the response is the last step in the process. While this is the kind of problem you want to have, there is no use having a great marketing campaign unless you have the company infrastructure to handle the demand and deal with customers. Keep them happy with a great product and great service and they will keep coming back.

Failing to meet their expectations will drive customers away and give you a black eye with respect to customer service and recurring business. This is the time when your business can become profitable and can drive further campaigns that lead to further success.

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Text Message Blast

Text Message BlastMore and more companies are using the feature called Text Message Blast to get information out to their customers and employees quickly and efficiently. Universities are using this feature to get message to their students and faculty quickly. They can update them on events at the university or the college.

If there is some kind of emergency they can warn students and faculty. Perhaps to get inside or stay away from a specific area until the situation is brought under control. They can use the same messaging capability to tell everyone that they can stand down once the emergency has been cleared. A tool such as text message blast can literally save lives. Find out more about this application.

Text Message Blast

Companies can use text message blast in the same manner for emergencies on their premises in offices and in factories. They can issue emails for detail messages. But not everyone has access to email instantly in the way that text messages are. Text messages are sent directly to a person’s mobile phone. Which everyone pretty much carries. They will be alerted to the message by a ring tone or alert on their phones. Later emails can be sent to provide them with more detail if needed.

Text message blasts to customers who have expressed an interest in receiving these messages can be a great way of advertising as well. Advising of sales at stores that are coming up is a great way to let your customers know that a sale is going on. Another use is to let them know that a new product or a new line of products has been added which they may be interest in. Customers can decide for themselves if they want to take the time to go online or visit the store to take advantage of these product offers.

Use With Care

But companies have to be careful and use this feature carefully. Too many messages and it starts to irritate the customer. Then they stop looking at the text message, preferring to just ignore it. Messages that are not clear are also not useful to a customer or an employee for that matter.

In addition text messages should only be sent via a text message blast format to people who have agreed to the service and have signed up for it. There is no better way to irritate a customer than to send unasked for messages advertising your product to them.  These people may not be your target market anyway. If you send them messages, they are just deleting them without reading them.

Give some thought to how you use this powerful tool before you press the send key! Once it the messages are sent there is no taking them back even if there is a spelling error or the message is not clear. Proofread it several times before you send it.

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