Text Messaging Marketing SoftwareOne of the biggest obstacles for small businesses such as restaurants, clothing stores and small retail shops to using text messaging as a marketing tool is how to manage the thousands of phone numbers that they might want to advertise to. Let’s assume you have 5000 customers, with 1000 of them interested in a special dish that you are planning to run a special on.

You know this because they have signed up to your news letter. They also indicated their preferences in terms of meals that they have enjoyed at your restaurant. You may even have their contact information such as mobile phone number and email. You also requested their approval when they gave the information to you. They want you to send notifications to them advertising specials that you run from time to time.

Save Time

You wish you had some sort of text messaging marketing software that would allow you to sort the phone numbers based on your own personal criteria and then blast a text message out to your customers advising them of your special dish. You have already conveyed your message by email newsletter, but experience has shown you that not everyone reads their emails, a large number end up in the junk file and not everyone wants these emails.

Text message marketing programs will accomplish this and more for restaurants and retails stores and many others. You just need the list, with mobile phone numbers and a list of preferences as expressed by the customer which you can sort and your ready to go.

Sort Phone Numbers

With the proper text messaging marketing software, you could sort the phone numbers you have, and send targeted messages out to these customers. With a text message to a clientele who are expecting a text message from time to time, there is a far greater chance of them reading the message than there would be from a simple blast to a list of mobile phones to customers who have no idea of why you are sending them a message.

By using software of this type to send text messages, you can save yourself time and also have a far better take up rate than with other sources of marketing to mobile phones. Text messaging marketing software can be an excellent effective tool that can make a huge difference in your bottom line when used properly. If you have not started collecting names, phone numbers and preferences, it is time you started.

This database of information will be a key marketing tool for you to reach all of your customers and let them know that there are sales taking place at your retail store or have special meals at your restaurant. Data is the next big thing for all business owners and it is important to learn how to manage and use the data.

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