Tire sales occur at various times of the year usually at the time when you do not need tires or when you are short of cash and really do not want to spend the money. In addition we often procrastinate as well. We leave purchasing tires for our cars until the last possible minute. Then we miss out on any sales that might be available.

Seasonal Tire Sales

Tire sales often take place just before winter sets in and in the spring. These are the times of the year when consumers are traditionally changing the tires on their cars. This is the time to install winter tires or to install summer tires. Tires sales can be quite good. Particularly if you watch for the sales and purchase four tires all at the same time. In fact your car will perform better if you have good tires on the car. They are properly inflated and all four tires are all the same make and model. You never want to have different sized tires on your car. This will cause instability and could even cause you to lose control of your car. Always replace all four tires at the same time.

Steel Rims for Winter Tires

Winter tires can also be purchased with steel rims. The summer tires with rims can easily be removed.  The winter tires plus steel rims can be installed in a matter of minutes.  Using steel rims on snow tires saves your regular rims from wear and tear during the winter driving season. In addition if you have to remove summer tires and install the winter tires, the physical removal and installation can sometimes damage the rims. All you need to do is make sure they are balanced before installation. You are good to go with the extra set of steel rims.

Summer Tires

Summer tires are usually harder rubber and will last longer as a result. But summer tires are too stiff for winter use and they do not grip the road as well as softer rubber winter tires.  Soft winter tires will wear more quickly during the summer time if you leave them on all year long and your gas mileage will not be as good either.  Install your winter tires in early November and then remove them in April before it gets too warm. All season tires are popular with many people in areas that receive light snow falls.  If you are living in the mountains where you get a lot of snow, good snow tires with chains are often required just to get around.

Consumers can reduce the overall cost of buying tires by taking advantage of these tire sales, as long as you watch for them and take the time to go into the tire dealer and take advantage of the sale. Some people will just buy the tires and have them installed later if they do not have the time to leave their car for the tires to be installed.

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