All terrain vehicles are small motorized vehicles devised especially for off-road usage. The usually will seat one rider and can have from two to six tires depending on the type of machine. These hardy vehicles are designed to take on difficult terrains and are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as sports vehicles as well as utility vehicles in off-road conditions. They are unstable at high speeds.

Motorcycles, jeeps – land rovers and similar other vehicles capable of off-road usage are available as well. All terrain vehicles can be taken  over all kinds of situations to places that most jeeps and land rovers cannot operate. All terrain vehicles or ATVs can be used for pleasure purposes. Also for hunting and for work or travel on off-road sites. They have 4 big knobby tires. However, some models of ATVs will also have 6 or 8 wheels. All terrain vehicles come in a variety of makes, models and sizes from many different manufacturers.

Tires for All Terrain Vehicles

There are many different types of tires for all terrain vehicles or ATV’s . Some are meant for higher speed, some are meant to protect the grass on golf courses for example, some have big knobby tires to provide extra traction in slippery conditions and some are large balloon like tires for use in muddy or wet conditions. Before you purchase an ATV, discuss your planned use with the sales person so that you have an ATV and tires that match the conditions you will use your ATV in.

Types of ATVs and their usage

All terrain vehicles may be very basic with skid steering, balloon tires and no suspension. There are also more sophisticated models. They feature track conversion systems for use on a variety of terrain conditions for all seasons. Using these you can get around just about any terrain and at any time of the year. These vehicles enable carrying out a number of activities. They are effective in punishing conditions which no other vehicle could get to.

The utility models of ATVs are appropriate for range land or farm projects. The four by four units of ATVs provides good grip over rugged terrain while automatic transmission simplifies operation. Again, the two by four ATV units with 250-300 cc four stroke engines are easier to maneuver over long periods of operations at slow speeds such as  spraying. Whether it is fence repair or getting into the bush to cut trees, ATV’s can usually go were other larger vehicles cannot.

Things to remember while on ATVs

Kids as well as adults will drive ATV’s over uneven ground at sometimes a very fast rate of speed.  Drive at a speed that matches the conditions of the track you are on.

Use safety equipment and wear a helmet. Carry an electric air pump and tire-plug kit with tire sealant (for helping seal tires while operating in thorn infested or rocky landscape). These will come of use in repairing flat tires in difficult uninhabited terrain.

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