Tires for SaleThe best time to buy tires is at the end of the seasons when lots of dealers have tires for sale and are trying to deplete their inventory before the next season begins. A good example of this is snow tires. If you can wait until the end of winter or early spring, you should be able to find all kinds of tires for sale with no problems whatever. You may even find that the steel rims will be on sale as well which will save you a lot of money. Steel rims are often used by many consumers for snow tires on their cars in the winter time. This avoids them having to remove and install tires on their more expensive rims. Rims have been damaged by excessive removal of tires, balancing etc.

How Much do You Really Save Buying Tires for Sale

Of course you will have to store them somewhere over the summer months and you will lose the use of that money you spent on the tires, however if you save enough it can be well worth it. Let’s assume that your tires cost you a thousand dollars and you bought them six months before you needed them. You had to take out a personal loan for 10% to buy the tires. We are using round numbers here to make the calculations easy. You should substitute your own values in for tires you purchase and the carrying cost of money that you have.

Carrying one thousand dollars for a period of six months is going to cost $50. If you can save more than that by buying these tires for sale now, storing for 6 months and then using them, you will be ahead of the cost curve. In fact you might be further ahead of the price of next year’s tires go up which they probably will. Look for tires for sale now to get the best deals.

Used Tires for Sale

Also many consumers who are  on the lookout for tires can find tires on sale through the online resale web sites in their own city or by getting to know the dealer and picking up used tires that are priced very well. One friend found a set of four snow tires with steel rims that were used and was able to purchase them for $150 with installation and balancing.

They are sufficient for the winter and were a really great deal. Another friend picked up a set of tires that were advertised online. They agreed on a price and he had to drive to another city close by to pick them up. Again a really great deal for him. So always look for tires on sale. Either from a tire company or from online systems that are available in your area.

There are also companies who buy used tires from wreckers and cars that have been taken off the road. They are sold as used tires for the most part, but consumers need to be careful. These tires may be unbalanced, they may be worn badly and they could just be really old. If you are buying these kinds of tires, consumers need to be really careful. The tires could be so old that they are not safe at high speeds. They could damage your shocks and springs if they are not balanced properly.

We urge consumers to take extra care in these kinds of situations. For more tire sales and discounts on tires, click here.