Purchasing tires for your car has become much more complicated in the last few years. Not only do you need summer tires and snow tires, but there are all season tires and of course then there are speed ratings for the tires that you have, how much water they will dispel as you go down a flooded road and on and on.

Tire Services to Consider

Then there are the various services that various car dealers and tire manufacturers provide to customers, when they purchased tires. What we found was that those companies that have a national or international presence often offer the best in tire services for their customers.

They tend to have greater volume, which means they can get better prices from the manufacturer for the tires that they sell which they pass along to in some degree to their customers. In addition they can offer services to their customers which are attractive for a number of reasons.

Tires for Your Car – Price Plus Service

We happen to like Costco as the premiere company to provide tires for the car that we drive. We will list their services to illustrate some of the reasons why they should be rated number one.

Services such as free tire rotation, free balancing  every 12,000 km’s is a significant benefit to us. In addition Costco has stores all across the US,  Canada and Mexico. If you’re traveling by car you can drop into any Costco and have your tires rebalanced  and rotated. They can also be repaired at no cost to you as long as you have your receipt with you.

In addition our car also takes nitrogen in the tires which stabilizes the tires. It keeps them at a uniform pressure for much longer than tires filled with normal air. Not all garages have this capability. Although you can top up with air if needed, the preference is to use nitrogen to avoid changes in tire pressure due to change in temperature.


Combining all of these services and the price and the ongoing maintenance provided by Costco for our tires on our car we are very satisfied with the company. We think that most customers would be interested in the services.

Now that we’ve covered these services, we suggest consumers compare the services and the price provided by Costco. You can get the same at a better price go for it. Although you might pay a little bit more initially for your tires. Always consider the maintenance benefits and the cost of those benefits before making a decision. If you have to pay $20 per tire to re-balance the tires and then rotate them, any savings you gained can be quickly erased.  It worked for us and we feel that we save a lot of money this way. By rotating the tires, you should get more mileage out of your tires than if you do not rotate them on a regular basis.