Tires on SaleAuto tires go on sale at various times of the year. The consumer can save a great deal of money if they take the time to compare prices by comparison shopping. If they really want to purchase tires on sale that are at a good sales price, you have to shop around. Last summer I did just that. We found a huge difference in price and services for tires at various businesses which sell tires to consumers. It was surprising to see what a difference there was in the price for the tires. Also for the features or services they offered.

Still it took me quite a few hours to visit the places I was considering. I had already  eliminated a few by searching online for tires and making a few phone calls to discuss prices and services. If a dealer is advertising tires on sale, take the time to compare prices for the tires, balancing and installation. You may be surprised at how the total cost may not always be that great a price.

The first place I went to was a place that repaired a flat tire for me for free. I showed up at their store one day with a flat tire which I had already removed and replaced with my spare tire. I brought the tire into the store and although I had to wait my turn which is expected, they repaired the tire for free. No charge with the request that I consider them when I needed new tires. Of course this was the first place that I went too when it came time to purchase new tires.

Tires on Sale

America’s Tire

This was America’s Tire, and we were very impressed since we had not dealt with them previously. America’s Tire gave us a decent price. They provide free tire rotations and repairs for as long as we owned the car. America’s Tire have stores all over the USA. We can take them in to these other locations if we had a problem. They charge extra for balancing and filling the tires with nitrogen.


We went to Walmart, however they were the worst both in terms of service and price. Surprising, but  the person I spoke to really did not now anything about tires. They could not offer us a deal either, so we gave up on this pretty fast. I think it was just the wrong guy on duty at the time, but still this looks bad for the store.


Costco had a sale on when we arrived that included balancing, nitrogen filled and free tire rotation at any of their stores in Canada as well as the USA. They were slightly more expensive, however with the services and the availability of stores to get service, we decided to go with them.

Several months later I went in to another Costco to have my tires rotated and rebalanced. We drive a lot and it does not take long to drive 12,000 miles which is when we needed to have our tires changed. All I needed to do was show my receipt and the work was completed quickly within 30 minutes of arriving. A great job and well worth the money to purchase tires at Costco. In fact we went into the store and purchased our groceries at the same time while the work was being completed.

So before you make a decision, check out all of the places that have tires on sale and compare price and service for exactly  the same tire.

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