Looking for tires online can be quite rewarding. without leaving the comfort of your home, many people can now search for tires for their cars and make their purchases online, arrange for them to be delivered and then show up at the dealer to have them installed. This is a very convenient way to purchase tires, however there are a number of cautions that consumers need to be aware of when they purchase tires online in this manner. For example, where will you have the tires shipped? Who will install them and how much will you pay for the tires to be installed and balanced?  You may save on the purchase and lose out on the installation.

Tires Online – Pricing

First of all the price they pay for the tires may include shipping and taxes to the location where you can have the tires installed. However the price may not include installation or balancing of the tires before they are placed on your car. This extra cost can be as much as $20 or more for each tire and with taxes amount to over $100 in extra cost. Some tire stores will match prices including the installation cost to shop around for the total package before you make a decision.

Tires Online – Warranty & Services

Another concern is warranty and services. Some companies will offer free tire rotation every 12,000 miles , free tire balancing and checking of tire pressure. If your tires have nitrogen in them, this could include topping up as needed with nitrogen. All of these services are quite costly if you must pay for them individually.

Finding a great deal on a set of tires without these services and features can mean that your great deal is actually more expensive than some other online tire deals that do include all of these services. Compare carefully before you make your decision to purchase tires online.

What is the Total Cost of Owning Tires

We like to know what the total cost for buying a tire and then maintaining the tire on your car is. The cost for tires can include the following and this what we think you should be comparing before you make a purchase:

  • Tire price
  • Installation Price
  • Balancing
  • Fill with Nitrogen
  • Tire rotation
  • Rebalance tires when they are rotated
  • Tire pressure check and top up
  • Tire disposal charge for old tires
  • All taxes, shipping and duties if applicable

As you can see there is a lot to take into account when buying tires for your car. Negotiate based on the final price and the services you want thrown in.

Personally we like the idea of having all of these services included in one price from a national dealer. I can use their services regardless of what city I might be in. I can have my tires balanced and rotated anywhere in the country for free. Because it was included in the price of the tire when I purchased it and I maintain my car properly!

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