Tires SaleConsumers can really save a lot of money with tires sales. There are times during the year when all of the tire companies will have sales on for tires. They tend to coincide with the seasons. In the fall for example, winter tires will go on sale in the October period. They want to drive up sales before the real rush that begins with the first snow fall. They can increase sales during the lull before the storm. Most drivers tend to wait until that first snow fall. Then head off to get new tires or have their snow tires installed.

Many people will buy an extra set of steel rims for their snow tires so they can change their own tires if they want to. With an extra set of rims you also avoid potential damage to the rims when you remove and install tires on aluminum rims.

Take Advantage of Tires Sale

Most of us procrastinate and wait until it gets really cold and that first snow comes down. Then there is trouble for everyone. Cars are sliding everywhere, people are trying to get their snow tires installed, and other consumers are trying to buy snow tires and rims even if it is at full price.

Tire shops are working overtime to keep up with all of the rush to purchase snow tires. Couldn’t consumers just do this in advance and have their tires installed when there is not such a rush. In addition you avoid all of these potential accidents.

The other time that tires go on sale is the transition from winter to spring. They go on sale because consumers need new tires and have to remove their snow tires. This is a great time to take advantage of tires for sale.

Sometimes tires go on sale because there is an oversupply. Consumers need to be careful in these situations. Tires on sale like this can be a really good price, however sometimes these tires have been sitting around for many years.

Check Your Tires Age

Before you buy always check the age of the tires and confirm they are no older than 6 years. Rubber looses it’s properties slowly, however you do not want them on your car during a high speed blowout due to age.

Even if you purchase tires on sale from a reputable tire company, do not take it for granted that they are not old tires. Many people just do not realize that sometimes tires sit around for a long time and then are sold at steep discount to get rid of them. When we purchase them at a store, we have no idea how old they are unless we check first. Even reputable stores may sell them when they are old and past their prime. Always have the mechanic check the age of the tires before they are installed. The information is easily found from the tire by looking at the appropriate code on the side of the tire.

Save money but do so with your eyes open and always compare prices with other tire companies as well as tires from different manufacturers before you make a decision. For more tire sales and discounts on tires, click here.