Refinish a Hardwood FloorAnyone planning to install a hardwood floor should also understand what is needed refinish a hardwood floor and even whether you can refinish the floor at some future point. This applies to both consumers who are planning to install the hardwood floor themselves and also those consumers who will hire a contractor to do the installation. Some hardwood floors are very thin, almost laminate style and these floors generally cannot withstand re-sanding and refinishing. There is just not enough wood to work with.

On the other hand a traditional hardwood floor is more than thick enough to survive re-sanding and refinishing several times. Before you buy and before you install your hardwood floor, confirm that the wood you are using can be refinished at least once.

Refinish a Hardwood Floor

Most people will not need to refinish floors for many years. It really depends on the amount of traffic and the type of traffic on your floor. People who wear their shoes inside are going to have to refinish their floor more often compared to socks and slippers. Small pieces of grit are tracked in on your shoes and work almost like sandpaper to wear off the finish from your wood.

Many flooring companies provide classes and experts to train those consumers who plan to install their own floors and complete finishing of a hardwood floor. Most hardwood floors these days are pre-finished and only need to be installed without any sanding or major cleanup.

Tips to Decide When to Refinish Your Floor

After your floor has been installed for many years, there are tell tale signs to look for that will indicate whether your floor needs to be refinished. Here are a few tips as well as pointers to help you decide if your hardwood floor needs to be refinished.

  • In high traffic areas, the finish tends to wear off leaving a dull looking floor compared to other areas of the floor.
  • If you take a teaspoon of water and drop it on the floor, the water will form beads if the floor is still properly sealed. If this is the case then at most all you need to do is cleaning and the odd stain removal.
  • If the water soaks right in, as well as leaves a dark spot, then you definitely need to refinish the hardwood floor.
  • Don’t wait too long since the longer you wait, the more the damage will be to the hardwood floor.

Once you decide to refinish your hardwood floor, it is important to sand the floor to remove any damage, any existing stain and protective coatings so that you will end up with a uniform looking floor.

It is very important to sand with the grain, never across the grain. Your floor will be spoiled if you sand with the grain, leaving marks across the grain after being stained. Once the floor has been sanded, you will want to apply a protective coating that will bring out or highlight the wood grain, seal the floor to protect it from moisture and provide a protective finish to protect the floor from scuffing etc.

There are numerous products available and the best idea is to speak with a professional at one of the flooring stores to help you decide which hardwood floor stain to use. Always interview the person that is giving you advice to ensure that they have the experience to advise you. After all you really do not want to receive advice from someone who has never installed or refinished a hardwood floor.

Comments art welcome, along with any tips that you might want to add to assist our readers.

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