Window and Door ScreensIt is a cold day in January and you might wonder why we are writing about window and door screens at this time of year. Turns out this is one of the best times to arrange for new windows and door screens to be installed. If you need a window replaced, the window repair companies are offering great deals at this time of year. They do this to keep their business going during the slower months of the year. You can easily ask for a 10% or more discount. Ask for more discounts because they are hungry for business. Winter time is a slow time of the year for them. They want to keep their people working they are willing to negotiate discounts.

Some consumers are concerned about heat loss while the window is being replaced. Yes you do have some heat loss. However it can be minimized by closing the door to the room that is being worked on. In addition the window is only out of the window opening for 5 or 10 minutes before the new one is in place. The amount of heat you lose and the corresponding cost will be less than $5.00 worth. There is little to be concerned about.

Window and Door Screens

Whether it is new window and door screens, many consumers like to have screens on their windows. Particularly for the warm summer months. Open the windows, let the fresh air inĀ  and keep the bugs out. There are a variety of screens. Some are sliders like the one shown in the picture. While some fit over the window and stay in place when the window is opened. They can be removed to wash them, which should be considered once per year. Washing screens is pretty easy.

All you need to do is remove the screens, take then outside, brush them with soap and water. Then spray them with the garden hose to clean off all of the dirt and soap. Do it on the lawn so the water and soap nourish the lawn. Then just let them dry in the sun for an hour and reinstall them in your window frames. While they are drying you can wash the inside of the windows as well.

Your choice of window screen or door screen will pretty much be determined by the type of window you select. New screens come with new windows. If you are installing a new door, you may want to install a second door with a screen. In all cases make sure that the window screen or door can be locked to prevent access. Even though someone can easily break the screen, it prevents the opportunist from entering your home without actually having to break it. It also alerts you to a break in when they smash through the screen.

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