.Property ManagementApartment manager training can cover a very large set of responsibilities for building maintenance which can include all outdoor facilities, indoor common areas and tenants units. Depending on the size of the building, this work may be split between several people. Or one person may be responsible for everything. Some training courses will be generalized. They will cover all aspects while others will focus on specific functions.

Then there is also lots of on the job training as well that covers the companies processes and customer needs. Whatever you do, always use common sense when making decisions about managing an apartment. If you do not know, ask someone for advice. There are lots to learn and you really never want to stop learning.

Apartment Manager Training – Managing the Apartment Grounds

Outdoor apartment management training would include setting contracts for all landscaping activities. Monitoring these activities and verifying the quality of the work. This would also include garbage removal and disposal. Snow clearing if applicable and keeping the entrance area and parking areas clean and free of any debris. The apartment manager may also complete some of the on site repairs. In addition perform some of the regular maintenance activities.

Indoor apartment management training also must cover the heating systems. Arranging for elevator maintenance. Cleaning of all common areas and any painting or repairs that must be arranged for. The apartment manager may do some of this work themselves. Or they may be responsible to hire contractors to do the work. This would be on the behalf of the building owners following applied guidelines.

Managing Tenants in Apartments

Tenant units are tricky in the sense that no one but the tenant can enter the tenants unit. Unless arrangements are made ahead of time with appropriate permissions. Repairs and upgrades must be booked with both the tenant and the contractor who is scheduled to do the work. All processes of this type must follow appropriate local bylaws. As well as federal and local state or provincial laws.

Another area that is often neglected is the interface and reporting to the owner or owners of the property. Depending on how involved the owners are with their property. This can take a great deal of time to provide status updates. Also reports and discuss issues the owners may be concerned about. Most property management companies provide monthly cash flow reports. Also tenant occupancy reports to the owners. They may also provide a brief status report to the owners. They will  keep them informed regarding issues the owners are concerned about.

Apartment Manager Training – Attend Board Meetings

Attending board meetings and annual meetings are another area that property managers must do. Their duties at meetings such as these is to provide budgets, based on input from the directors. Provide updates on current cash flow and alignment with the current year budget. Also rovide updates on various situations that are of interest to the owners and the board. Property managers will assess various improvements. In addition request quotes and report back to the board with  recommendations. Property managers must keep minutes and issue them to the board or the owners in general.

This is an entire different area of skills that are required. Including everything from public speaking, preparing reports, budgeting, requesting quotes and dealing with complex situations. In some situations there will be conflict between the board and the other owners about various policies. It is usually up to the board to set the policy and the property manager to implement the policy.

If something is unclear,  you may want to refer the issue back to the board for clarification. Skills in dealing with conflict may also be required when owners or the board are at odds with each other. Develop skills on the job. Obtain training in public speaking. These skills will add many benefits to the current job as well as all future job opportunities.

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