Building Management TrainingBuilding management training covers a lot of subjects that superintendents and rental managers need to know while on the job. Property managers must learn all of the theory as well as the practical side of doing the job. These courses cover everything from looking after garbage disposal to dealing with tenants who do not look after their units and skip town without paying the rent. There are processes to use in these situations and laws that apply. Often these laws are local in nature by state or province. In addition property management will vary greatly depending on whether the building is a residential building or whether it is a commercial building. Security, heating, parking etc to name a few will be significantly different for these types of buildings. Property management also involves the management of contracts for work that is completed by outside contractors. Grounds maintenance, snow removal, heating plant annual checks and so on will need to be monitored and checked for quality work.

Building Management Training – Rental Management

Rental management is part of a building management. Advertising for tenants, qualifying tenants based on income and records from other locations, with or without pets and children and a host of other criteria that come into play without breaking any prejudicial laws is complex. Bad decisions cost money for the tenants as well as the owners and must be carefully considered. Most jurisdictions will not allow for discrimination in any manner at all, so property rental managers must be well aware of the laws in this regard.

Building Maintenance

Buildings must also be maintained. Systems need to be monitored and budgets prepared to help ensure that repairs are completed on time and that there is money in the budget to handle both known maintenance items as well as emergency repairs. All of these things and much more is covered as part of building management training. Routine maintenance plans should be drawn up and prepared. Each plan will depend very much on the type of building, whether it has elevators or not, underground parking, exercise rooms, pools, etc. Every building is unique and while many activities will be the same, many will also be different. A good property manager will be on the ball and make sure that they have captured everything that needs to be done to maintain the building properly.


Building managers must also carry liability insurance to cover them in case there are situations that develop leaving them liable for claims by tenants or the owners if they are under contract to the owners. Many owners will hire a property management company to manage a building on their behalf hence the reason to make sure that the property manager has adequate liability insurance. Building construction is also different depending on whether you are dealing with a high-rise condo, townhouses or single family homes. The technology is also different as well, all of which must be managed by the building management team.

Building Management Training – Security

Another aspect of building management which training should cover is security of the building. Malls are property management situations which need to have a security team in place to deal with everything from stealing to pick pocketing to loitering. Apartment buildings have much different requirements and the really expensive places will have a concierge who provides services to tenants such as calling taxis as well as providing soft security for the building.

These requirements must be managed by the property management company based on the requirements of the owner as well as the type of building that is managed. Experienced property managers will be prepared to recommend the appropriate level of security based on the area the building is in, the history of the building and the needs of the tenants.

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