Property ManagementWhat training does your building manager need? How much past experience does your property manager have? Does he have experience with the systems that you use? For example, maybe you’re using a new computer system to keep track of all work activities. As well as reporting of expenses. You may want to train him on these items. There may also be training required on specialist pieces of equipment.

In addition a building manager is interfacing with your customers all of the time. They represent the owner of the building in all things. Items such as customer relationship management. If you are getting lots of complaints from tenants, you may want to find out what the fundamental issues are. Consequently you may want to initiate some sort of training to deal with it. The building manager really represents you to your customers. As a result as a property owner, it makes sense to hire the best!

Building Manager Training – What is Needed

Every buildings needs are different. High rise vs. townhouse condo. Residential vs. commercial buildings.¬† All have different kinds of equipment that are used to maintain the property outside. As well as to maintain the indoor common elements of property. This could be as simple as making sure that they’ve read all of the instruction booklets and maintenance booklets. Have they developed and adhere to a maintenance program.

Local by laws as well as State or provincial laws change from time to time. It could be as simple as making sure that they read all of the notices. Or for a particularly complex piece of legislation, there may be a one-day seminar training session.

Accounting software updates occur all of the time.

Building Manager Training – CRM Systems

CRM systems or customer relationship management systems are also upgraded on a regular basis. Anytime there is a change property managers who enter information into the CRM system should be re-trained. It could be as short as a one hour seminar. Or you may need a more in-depth session for more complex updates and changes.

Equipment training is also valuable to ensure that the equipment is handled properly. Focus on safety  for the operator as well as individuals that may be in close contact with the equipment.

Communication skills on the job are extremely important in dealing with prospective clients, clients and owners. Can your property manager use better communication skills in terms of verbal and written activities? There are one-day training seminars available.

There are always special needs of the job that require training from time to time. Hence you have a choice of either letting the property manager or the person operating equipment etc. experiment. Also you can train them properly so that they will operate it in a safe manner. In addition avoid accidents that could damage the property. Train the operator.

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