Improving Gas MileageMany people are predicting  that gas prices could climb to $1.40 per liter this summer. As of writing this post on June 1st, prices are at $1.24. During the past week they have been as low as $1.17 and as high as $1.27 per liter of gas. During the spring of 2013, they climbed dramatically and approached $5.00 a gallon in the US in California. It is only a matter of time before they stay at that price, although they are now back to $4.29 a gallon. I really believe that the oil companies are just conditioning us for higher prices. The cost of gasoline for Canadians and Americans is a huge issue for those people who need to drive to get back and forth to work everyday. Improving Gas Mileage can make a difference to your pocket book.

Plan to Improving Gas Mileage

Many Canadians have no intention of cutting back on time behind the wheel. They have to get to work and they want to take their vacation. Some are cutting back on the distance they are traveling, but most are not planning to cancel their vacation according to a survey completed for  Canadian Tire.

Many are planning to find other ways to save dollars to compensate for the increased cost of gasoline. Gas prices have not yet risen far enough to cause major changes in driving habits and also car buying habits. People are looking for other ways to save money to compensate for the increased cost of gasoline.

According to the survey completed for Canadian Tire,  one-in-three drivers (36 per cent) revealed that they would rather give up vacation time than give up driving and more than half (56 per cent) said they will take on the role of do-it-yourself mechanic to save on car-related costs.

Many Canadians need to go back to basics with regards to maintaining an optimum speed to maximize their gas mileage as shown on the chart on the right.

Canadians take a shine to D-I-Y( Do It Yourself)

Many drivers plan to roll up their sleeves this spring to take on ambitious tasks with their cars, that they might have otherwise paid for if not for the hike in gas prices, including:

  • 44 per cent said they would check and replace air filters themselves
  • 33 per cent would attempt to remove their snow tires and install summer tires
  • 73 per cent plan to take on monitoring and topping up their vehicle’s fluids
  • 58 per cent will inspect and replace vehicle light bulbs

The top do-it-yourself job Canadians will take on this summer is cleaning the car, as 90 per cent indicated that they don’t think it’s worth the money to have it professionally done.

While many  Canadian drivers are willing to take on more, the survey shows they draw the line at performing other automotive work such as brake repairs  or oil changes with 81 per cent indicating they would prefer to leave it to the professionals.

Whether performed by a service professional or at home by do-it-yourself drivers, Canadian Tire experts recommend that Canadians and US motorists perform the following spring maintenance tips to help drivers maintain and improve fuel efficiency and to avoid more costly repairs in future:

  • Get rid of winter: Remove winter tires and wash away winter grime and salt build-up
  • Roll on: Check tire tread and ensure proper tire inflation at least once a month
  • Check under the hood: Replenish all essential fluids (automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid and coolant) and get regular oil changes
  • See clearly: Replace worn or damaged wiper blades and burned out light bulbs to maintain good visibility and safety

Other survey findings:

  • 26 per cent of Quebec drivers said they would change their own oil to save money
  • 73 per cent of Ontario drivers said they would rather drive to work than take public transit
  • 97 per cent of BC drivers agree that checking and adjusting tire pressure will help to improve their fuel economy; 59 per cent said they would take on more do-it-yourself car maintenance to offset high gas prices
  • 62 per cent of Alberta car owners said that although it’s not their favorite thing to do, they would prefer to wash their own car to save money
  • 56 per cent of drivers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan said they would detail the interior of their car to help save money

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