Mold on shower ceilingsAnother maintenance project for do-it-yourself people and consumers is painting the shower ceiling whenever it becomes tired looking or worse like ours. Mold on shower ceilings. The picture that we’ve taken and included in this post is the picture that shows how bad our shower ceiling was after about two years, since the last time that we painted the shower ceiling. Before we talk about removing the mold, we want to emphasize that if you leave the bathroom door open and let the shower dry after each use, there will be far less mold to contend with.

This is a small maintenance job that anyone can perform.

Mold on shower ceilings – steps to Follow

The steps needed to repaint the shower ceiling are as follows:

Remove the light

Sand your ceiling to make sure that it is smooth and all mold is removed. If the mold is really bad you may want to wash the ceiling with a combination of water and vinegar.

Lightly brush the ceiling to remove any dust that might remain.

Paint your ceiling with semigloss or glossy paint. The paint should be able to deal with high moisture situations.

If you use regular Low sheen or flat paint that paint will not resist the moisture that routinely it is exposed to whenever someone takes a shower.

This is just a simple thing that one can do to keep your house looking great and will cost virtually nothing other than the cost of paint.

Allow the paint to dry at least 24 hours before the shower is used. You want the paint to really harden so that moisture cannot penetrate. Even if the instructions say that the paint will be dry in less time, wait for at least 24 hours.


One caution, if you’re using a step ladder in your shower always protect the feet of the ladder, so that it does not scratch the bottom of your shower. You can use a couple of old towels placed on the bottom of the shower. If there’s some concern about the stepladder slipping, you may want to have someone hold it for you.

We always use latex paint, since there isĀ  less smell and it is easy to clean up. If you use oil based paint, make sure there is lots of ventilation to clear the air. It can become over powering if there is no ventilation. Open a window, use a fan etc to move the air from inside the shower where you are working.

Bathroom Fan

In our particular situation, there is no fan to draw the moisture out of the bathroom. It is not expelled outside when people are taking hot showers. There probably should be a fan. The builder should have put a fan in the bathroom however it was not done. There are fans in all the other bathrooms, even the one which is just a two piece.

If you happen to be a new homeowner, who’s having a home built, this is one of the things to look for. Make sure that there are exhaust fans installed in all bathrooms.