Solar Panel DesignDetailed Plans that are designed specifically for YOUR solar installation must be prepared for a number of reasons.  The plans are used to prepare an estimate of the cost for the material and the labor to install your system. They are also used to guide you or your contractor in the installation of your system once it is approved by your local electrical company. Another reason these plans need to be prepared is that a permit must be submitted and approved by the city before any work can begin.

Solar Panel Design & Permits

A complete package must be ready to submit to the city for permit approval. If you go ahead with construction and installation without a permit, there is a very good chance that the city inspector could come by and shut everything down. You might have the installation complete only to have to remove it if you do not have an approved permit.

There is another even more important issue to consider. Insurance on your home covers all of the standard perils, however the installation and operation of an electricity generation system is not one of those things that would be covered. In addition if there is a claim, you definitely want to have all of the correct designs completed and the permit approvals you need to show that this is a professionally designed installation meeting all of the necessary building codes etc. If not the insurance company could easily decline to pay you in the event there was a claim caused by the solar system.

It is so important that every Solar Electrical Design is drafted to comply with city codes and NEC regulations for insurance purposes and for safety purposes. Safety applies to your home, your family and the electrical grid you are attaching too. If you were to cause some kind of damage to a portion of the electrical grid, to another home owners electronics etc due to spurious currents, you could be liable for very large sums of money. Always obtain the proper approvals to ensure the job is completed correctly and meets all code requirements.

You may also need to have some changes made to the plans based on these permit applications. Make sure that your solar design company is able and willing to complete these revisions so that the plans can be resubmitted for approval.

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