Solar System InformationDo you need to apply for permits before you install a solar system at your home. The answer is probably depending on where you live and the kind of solar system you are installing. Many cities and towns require permits prior to any major construction or change in structure to your home. This includes other buildings on your property. They want to make sure that your plans adhere to all of the local bylaws regardless of what they are. Some will deal with safety issues. While others may be more aesthetic in nature. HOA’s in particular may also have a say in terms of what you do on your property. Obtain a permit for roof installations.

Solar System Information – Permits

If you are planning a solar power system that is not attached to the power electrical grid then you may not need to have a permit from the local electrical supply company. You will most likely still need an electrical permit to ensure that the system will be designed properly and installed to meet all existing electrical safety requirements. Preparation of construction permits and electrical system permits is usually mandatory in these situations.

There is another reason you will want to have these permits prepared and approved. A solar system installed somewhere on your property including your roof of your home may also impact your insurance requirements. A properly designed, installed and approved solar power generation system will ensure that you insurance is not null and void if you need to make a claim. Always check with your insurance company to find out their requirements and meet them. Get it in writing so that there is no misunderstanding.

Since most home owners do not have the skills needed to prepare these permits, the company that is trying to sell you a solar system should provide this service as part of the package that they deliver to you.