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Top Cut Tree Service

Top Cut Tree ServiceUsing a professional to trim a tree or remove it is the safest method of removing a tree that is too big for your yard or damaged in some way. A Top Cut Tree Service will remove a tree even in close quarters to your home as shown in this picture. They climb the tree and remove one limb at a time, lowering each one to the ground for removal. It is then placed in a wood chipper, to be blown into a truck and carted away.

Branch by Branch Top Cut Tree Service

Each branch is removed in this manner until all that is left is the main trunk of the tree. Even then the tree removal technician is strapped to the tree. He will remove a section of the trunk in four-foot lengths until it is all down and he is standing on the ground. Even the large pieces of the main trunk of the tree are placed in the wood chipper. They are ground into small chips for later use as mulch and ground cover in someone’s garden. This particular tree was over 30 feet tall. It only took them approximately an hour to remove the entire tree and clean up all of the wood chips afterwords.

Customers can also have the stump taken out by a machine that is a grinder. It is moved into place at the trunk. The stump is ground down below the surface of the earth to about 12 to 18 inches below the ground. Once covered up and re-soded, you would never know that there was a tree there in the first place.

Safety is the Top Concern for a Top Cut Tree Service Company

Safety for the technician, safety for your house, and safety for anything immediately around the tree is a prime concern. Hard hats, safety climbing gear, and safe processes are all used to ensure that the removal of the tree is completed without mishap. Many trees in urban areas are too close to homes and cannot easily be removed in the standard manner. The standard approach is cutting them down at the base and then chopping them up. Instead, they must be removed one branch at a time. No damage to the home or surrounding plants occurs.

A good company can manage the removal of a tree with little or no damage to shrubs around or near the tree. They clean up after the tree has been removed. They remove all twigs and small branches along with leaves that may have fallen in the process. This is by far the easiest and safest approach to take regarding the removal of a tree in urban areas.


Crane Tree Removal

Crane Tree RemovalA tree in the front yard or even the side yard of a home can easily be removed in the manner that is shown in this picture. Basically the tree specialist climbs the trunk, cutting off the limbs as he goes until just the trunk remains. There is no need to apply a crane tree removal service in situations such as this. The tree is far enough from the house. There is no danger of anyone or anything being hurt or damaged. The tree does not need to be felled and then cut up. It is basically cut in chunks in place in the air and then lowered to the ground.

If you have never seen this type of tree removal process, it is definitely something to watch. These guys are well trained and well equipped with all of the required safety gear. They use a series of ropes to secure and then lower each limb to the ground. Where it is then taken to the street and inserted into a wood chipper. The branches are ground into small wood chips for use as mulch for gardens and for ground cover. The entire process took no more than an hour!

Specialist Crane Tree Removal

There are situations where a crane must be used. While use of a crane is very expensive. The situation will dictate crane tree removal processes due to safety concerns. Or concerns about possible damage to a home or other buildings. In situations such as this, the limb or the trunk of the tree is held in place by the crane. A chain or rope is holding the limb to the crane. As the limb is cut the crane then will lift the tree limb over the home. Then out to the road where it will be chipped into small pieces. Sometimes large limbs may over hang a house or some other building. They cannot be dropped with out the use of a crane to hold it while it is being cut at the trunk.

Access Some times Requires Crane Tree Removal

If there is no access to a back yard for example, or the tree limbs cannot be carried from the back of the home to the front of the home where the wood chipper is, a crane might be used as well. Sometimes they will cut the limbs and trunk of the tree into small enough pieces, however if this does not work then there is no alternative but to use a crane to remove the tree.

Talk to your professional tree removal company to determine the best course of action to ensure that both buildings as well as humans can be kept safe while this work is being carried out. Always inquire how the tree will be cut down and removed. Make sure you are personally comfortable with the process to ensure that you home and property is not damaged. They also should explain how the cleanup process will also work and what you will have to do at the end of it all.

Dead Tree Removal Service

dead Tree Removal ServiceWe recently had a tree removed from our property which was alive and healthy. Unfortunately it was getting too big and it was too close to the house. It had to go. We reflected on what it would be like to have someone remove a dead tree. Dead tree removal service would be a lot more dangerous for the tree removal technicians. Once a tree has died, many of the branches become brittle. They will fall down from time to time when there are gusts of wind. Or when the tree is shaken by someone climbing it.

It is dangerous enough to be climbing a tree to remove branches with a chain saw. You do not want to worry whether the trunk of the tree is sturdy enough to support you. Or whether branches are going to come down on your head from time to time. This can create a very dangerous situation which most dead tree technicians are not willing to consider.

Using a Crane to Remove Dead Trees

The only real answer to this question of dead tree remove services in a safe manner is to use a crane with a bucket. Much like the type you see being used by electrical companies. These cranes can suspend the operator beside the tree. They can then cut off branches and the trunk of the tree in sections without being in danger from the trunk collapsing on them and flinging them to the ground.

This process is probably more expensive. In addition to the grinder to grind up the limbs and a truck to carry away all of the ground up chips. A bucket truck must be on site to support this sort of tree removal service.

It is far better to be safe than sorry in situations such as this and although there is a higher cost, most consumers would rather have the tree come down in a controlled manner instead of being blown down in a storm on top of their home. This situation can cause a great deal of damage and cost far more than removing the tree will cost.

Clean up after the Dead Tree Removal Service is completed

In fact this service is part of their overall service. They will sweep up all small branches and sawdust to provide a clean place after the work is done free from broken branches and piles of sawdust. There should be no cleanup work at all needed to be done by the owner.

Before you decide to proceed with the removal of a dead tree, consumers will want to discuss the process for removing the tree, safety of surrounding plants and of course safety of your home. No one wants a tree coming down on their home while it is being removed. The clean up aspect should also be confirmed to ensure that everything you need completed will be done for you.

Consumers should avoid doing this work themselves due to the possibility of broken branches crashing to the ground and hitting them. If you must do this work yourself follow proper safety precautions, were a hard hat and check the tree first for any broken or weak branches.


Trimming trees

Trimming treesSpring is not the time to think about trimming trees. Your trees are just emerging from the winter. They need every bit of help they can to begin growing without receiving the additional shock of being trimmed. Wait until mid summer to begin trimming your trees. You may want to hire an arborist to trim them properly.

In the spring you may have some damage branches that have fallen to the ground. Or some that may have been damaged due to the weight of snow. These tree limbs can be considered as candidates for trimming since they are likely going to die anyway. These are limbs that are cracked and or bent badly. In some cases they may even be touching the ground. These trim limbs can certainly be trimmed.

The remainder should be trimmed in the summer as previously mentioned. There may be some large limbs that are hanging over the house or protruding into your neighbor’s yard which could pose a potential danger during a large storm. These limbs should be removed by a professional tree trimming service with the tools to safely and properly trim trees. They will come with a chipper machine which will reduce the tree limb to piles of chipped wood which can be used for mulch.

Trimming trees Can Affect the Value of Your Home

A decision to cut down a tree or to perform a major trimming should not be taken lightly. Some real estate agents feel that trees, especially mature trees add value to the home’s value. Purchasers look for shade and cover from the sun and prefer larger trees even though they might be a danger to your home. Have your trees trimmed at regular intervals and trimmed in such a manner that over time the trees will be full and healthy while posing no danger to your home or anything else in the yard. Healthy trees also live longer and make a positive contribution to your home.

Hire an Arborist

If you are unsure about how to trim your trees, you may want to hire an arborist to evaluate your trees and make recommendations regarding what action should be taken. For example your trees branches may need thinning, or there may be weak branches that should be removed.

Limbs that are within 10 feet of a building can be trimmed to avoid future conflict with the building. Large limbs that need support which you do not want to remove can be supported by cabling them together.

Advantages of Large Trees

In addition to providing shaded areas during the heat of summer which can be enjoyed outdoors by home owners, there are other advantages as well. Shade trees that provide shade to a home can reduce the cooling costs in the summer time. These same large trees can limit the impact of wind as well in the winter time and reduce the cost of heating in the winter time. If there is a lot of road noise nearby, these same trees can provide sound insulation from the noise and make it more peaceful than it might otherwise be.

Removal of Trees

Removal of large trees can be expensive. However if it is diseased or has received major damage, an arborist may recommend taking it down. Large trees can cost as much as $2000 to remove including the stump that can be ground down with a grinder. This leaves a nice clean job with almost no sign that the tree was ever there.

We have two smaller trees removed on our own property by professionals. Instead of tree trimming, we just had them cut down. They stripped all of the branches and then cut the trunk down in 4 foot sections from the top. It was very interesting to see it done and these guys not only did a professional job, they cleaned everything up after words and did not damage anything around the tree at all.

If I had actually trimmed these trees at the proper time, there would have been no need to remove them, but they got too big and could have damaged the house if a major storm had brought it down. One tree did come down and we were very lucky. It fell right between both houses and did no damage at all to either house or anything around it.


Tree Removal Companies

Tree Removal CompaniesWe recently were looking for tree removal companies to remove a tree for us on our property. We have included this topic in our website, since many homeowners must deal with mature trees on their property. They are large or encroach on their homes, or even as an emergency after a wind storm.

Homeowners can do some of this work themselves if they have a chain saw/ They need to know how to safely cut down a tree without causing damage. Especially to nearby buildings, other trees and shrubs and your neighbor’s home.

This was the situation in our case. As you can see it is very close to the house. I was concerned about taking this tree down without any damage to my home and my neighbor’s home.

Best Way to Hire Tree Removal Companies

You can search the internet to find local tree removal companies in your area. You will probably be able to find quite a few. However the best way is to ask for references and check them out. You want to hire a company that will do the work safely. They need to have all of the right equipment and ensures that there is no damage to your home or shrubs.

In our case I happen to see a company removing a tree in our neighborhood. I watched them for a short while and quickly realized that these guys, (there were four of them) not only knew what they were doing, but did everything very safely.

They were also taking all of the necessary precautions to make sure that nothing around the tree including the lawn was damaged in any way. Once I had observed then for a short while, I decided that this company was the one I was going to use for the removal of our tree.

Tree Removal Companies With the Proper Equipment

Having the right equipment is so important.  This company showed up with two trucks. Also a huge wood chipper that can take logs that are at least 25 inches in width! As the tree came down, they fed the limbs including the trunk into the wood chipper. In seconds it was all ground up into small wood chips. Amazing machine!

The technician in the tree has a small hand chain saw that can be held with one hand easily. The chain is extremely sharp and cut through the wood as if it was butter. this makes the job go faster and safer as well. He would hold that chain saw with one hand and the limb with the other and cut through it with no effort at all.

Tree Removal Safety Equipment

Tree Removal CompaniesThe safety equipment is also part of the equation that not only keeps the operator safe, but makes the job easy as well.  He was lashed to the tree and with his tree climbing spikes was quite comfortable. He was perched on the trunk of the tree cutting off the next limb.

This particular picture on the left shows the arborist on the trunk of the tree. He is lashed to the trunk preparing to cut off the next 3 feet of the trunk.

He just worked his way down the trunk until he reached the ground. All of it was fed into the wood chipper. They did a great job as well cleaning up. They did not damage any of our plants or even a fence that was within 2 feet of the trunk of the tree.  We were very happy with this company. If you would like more information about them or a link to their site, refer to our original post on reliable tree service, or click on the category “Tree Service”.

Leave Difficult Jobs to the Professionals

This will be the last post for a little while on tree services. leave difficult jobs to the professionals due to safety issues. Other jobs can be done by the home owner which can save you a great deal of money. Just make sure that you do this work in a safe manner.


Tree Service Removal Company

Tree Service Removal In our last post, we talked about reliable tree service removal. This service although costly is a safe way to remove a tree. You can have it all cleaned up in an hour or so.

We thought we would continue with another post. This time we will talk a little more about the process of cutting down a tree. The focus of this post is when it is positioned close to a house. Avoiding damage to the house, fence, and shrubs close by is a top priority. This is one of the reasons why I did not do it myself. If it was in the backyard, I probably would have done the work myself. However, you read all about that in the previous post.

We hired a tree service removal company to come and do the work. They started by trimming all of the branches and major limbs from the bottom. They kept moving up the trunk of the tree until only the top was left. I and a neighbor watched the entire removal of the tree. We were really curious about how they would do it. Also how they would get that top off without damaging anything and do it in a safe manner.

How The Tree Service Removal Company Lops off the Top of the Tree

The picture above shows the arborist technician perched at the very top of the main tree trunk. This was just after he has cut the top off. They really did do this in a safe manner. First, they tied a rope to the trunk of the tree just above where they are going to make their cut.

Next, they made another loop. They run the rope through this loop just below where they were going to cut the top off. This way when the top comes off, it falls over and it is held by the ropes. It can be safely lowered to the ground. The top tips over away from the technician who is perched at the top of the trunk of the tree.

Safety is Extremely Important

Tree Service Removal As you might appreciate there is a fair amount of shaking and the tree trunk waves back and forth as the top comes off. It is extremely important that the technician is lashed to the tree with the proper safety harness so that they move with the tree as it weaves back and forth.

These guys have done this many times and are very careful that they use all of the safety gear they need. Once the top of the tree is off, they simply move down the tree, lopping off 3-foot sections until they reach the ground.

From this picture on the left, you can see the safety rope around the tree and attached to the technician. Once the top is off it is a pretty simple matter to take the rest of the tree down. It is truly amazing how easy it is to take a tree down quickly and safely when you have all of the right equipment. This entire process took roughly an hour to remove the tree, clean up all of the leaves and small branches that fell and run everything through the wood chipper. The lawn was clean, the tree was gone and we were very satisfied with this tree service removal company. If you need more information about the company that did the work, refer to our previous post about reliable tree service. We were very satisfied with this service from this company.

Why Hire a Tree Service Removal Company

Normally I would do this sort of work to remove trees on my property. However, since it was close to the house, we did not want to take the chance of causing some damage to the house and shrubs.  They did a really fantastic job. Now that I have seen this work done, even if I have a tree in my backyard that needs to be cut down that I could do myself, I think that I will hire this team to come and do the work.

Clean up and disposal is a big issue. You need to be able to remove all of the wood and dispose of it in some manner. If this is not an issue for you and you can cut the tree down in a safe manner then by all means. Another thing to consider is the removal of the stump. In our case, we did not need the stump removed. However, they also provide a large grinder which can chop up the tree stump well below ground. this should allow you to finish off the lawn afterward if this is something you want to do. We will talk more about this in our next post.


Reliable Tree Service

Reliable Tree ServiceNormally on this website we discuss ways to save money and reduce the cost of home ownership. However this post and the next two will talk about tree removal and why it sometimes is worth it to hire professionals to remove trees.

Reliable tree service removal for trees on your property is sometimes difficult to find, however we recently had a tree removed on our urban property and the team of four guys did a really fantastic job.

They showed up on time, were courteous and very careful of our plants and shrubs. They took extra care to make sure that no damage was done to my shrubs, my house and my fence. I watched them do the work the  entire time, not because I was concerned about their work. I was really interested in the process of taking down a tree that was at least forty feet in height in relatively tight conditions. There were two houses close to each other and the tree was within 10 feet of my house.


They have obvious done this many times. They were organized, they took all of the safety precautions that were needed for themselves and my property. The job was completed within an hour. Everything was cleaned up and the leaves and small twigs etc that fell were raked and blown into a pile to be removed by them. There was a bit of sawdust left over, but that will disappear over time as nature takes over. Overall we are very satisfied and I would recommend these guys any time. We do not normally link to other web sites from this site. However we are so impressed with the service that we have added a link. If you are in the Ottawa , Ontario area and need a tree removed, click here for Ottawa Tree Surgeons.

Why I Did Not Take the Tree Down Myself

Normally I would do this kind of work myself. I have cut many trees down in my life and have my own chain saw. However there are a couple of reasons I decided not to tackle this particular tree on my own and depend on the reliable tree service of this Ottawa based company.

First this tree was a bit too close to my house and my neighbor’s home. This tree might have fallen perfectly into our front yard, however a slight wind blowing a top heavy tree at the wrong time could have blown it slightly off course as it fell and it could do a lot of damage to either home.

Secondly we have a lot of shrubs etc and I really did not want to damage these shrubs. It would mean digging them out and / or hoping they would recover next spring. Plus my wife would not be too happy!

Thirdly, it is all about the cleanup. This team came with a wood chipper. The tree and all of the limbs and leaves was chipped into wood chips in no time at all. It took just over one hour to cut the tree down and do the clean up and they were all done. This same job would take me at least a day and I would still need to dispose of the tree!

Reliable Tree Service You Can Count On

Reliable Tree ServiceFrom booking the appointment, to confirming the night before when they would arrive, to arriving on time, to not damaging our plants etc, to cleaning up, this team of four guys did a really fantastic job.  In our next post, I will write more about the process of how they take down a tree of this size. But I do want to refer you to the picture on the left. It shows our tree just before they take the top off the tree.

In this picture, the fellow up in the tree is just taking the last major branch off halfway up the tree. You can see the ropes attached to the limb as he begins to saw the limb off at its base close to the trunk of the tree. Next is the top of the tree to be sawed and lowered. In our next post we will show some of the pictures associated with this activity.

If you need a tree removed, then these are the guys to go to. We have not used any of their other services. However based on this work I am sure they would do an excellent job. Can’t say enough positive things about their work!


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