Tree Service Removal In our last post, we talked about reliable tree service removal. This service although costly is a safe way to remove a tree. You can have it all cleaned up in an hour or so.

We thought we would continue with another post. This time we will talk a little more about the process of cutting down a tree. The focus of this post is when it is positioned close to a house. Avoiding damage to the house, fence, and shrubs close by is a top priority. This is one of the reasons why I did not do it myself. If it was in the backyard, I probably would have done the work myself. However, you read all about that in the previous post.

We hired a tree service removal company to come and do the work. They started by trimming all of the branches and major limbs from the bottom. They kept moving up the trunk of the tree until only the top was left. I and a neighbor watched the entire removal of the tree. We were really curious about how they would do it. Also how they would get that top off without damaging anything and do it in a safe manner.

How The Tree Service Removal Company Lops off the Top of the Tree

The picture above shows the arborist technician perched at the very top of the main tree trunk. This was just after he has cut the top off. They really did do this in a safe manner. First, they tied a rope to the trunk of the tree just above where they are going to make their cut.

Next, they made another loop. They run the rope through this loop just below where they were going to cut the top off. This way when the top comes off, it falls over and it is held by the ropes. It can be safely lowered to the ground. The top tips over away from the technician who is perched at the top of the trunk of the tree.

Safety is Extremely Important

Tree Service Removal As you might appreciate there is a fair amount of shaking and the tree trunk waves back and forth as the top comes off. It is extremely important that the technician is lashed to the tree with the proper safety harness so that they move with the tree as it weaves back and forth.

These guys have done this many times and are very careful that they use all of the safety gear they need. Once the top of the tree is off, they simply move down the tree, lopping off 3-foot sections until they reach the ground.

From this picture on the left, you can see the safety rope around the tree and attached to the technician. Once the top is off it is a pretty simple matter to take the rest of the tree down. It is truly amazing how easy it is to take a tree down quickly and safely when you have all of the right equipment. This entire process took roughly an hour to remove the tree, clean up all of the leaves and small branches that fell and run everything through the wood chipper. The lawn was clean, the tree was gone and we were very satisfied with this tree service removal company. If you need more information about the company that did the work, refer to our previous post about reliable tree service. We were very satisfied with this service from this company.

Why Hire a Tree Service Removal Company

Normally I would do this sort of work to remove trees on my property. However, since it was close to the house, we did not want to take the chance of causing some damage to the house and shrubs.  They did a really fantastic job. Now that I have seen this work done, even if I have a tree in my backyard that needs to be cut down that I could do myself, I think that I will hire this team to come and do the work.

Clean up and disposal is a big issue. You need to be able to remove all of the wood and dispose of it in some manner. If this is not an issue for you and you can cut the tree down in a safe manner then by all means. Another thing to consider is the removal of the stump. In our case, we did not need the stump removed. However, they also provide a large grinder which can chop up the tree stump well below ground. this should allow you to finish off the lawn afterward if this is something you want to do. We will talk more about this in our next post.